Meran (Merano) and the surrounding area

The best of the Meraner Land

It’s probably the unique combination of Mediterranean and Alpine flair that makes a visit to the spa town of Meran (Merano) so memorable.

Lying between vineyards and apple orchards, Meran (Merano) offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The sun shines in the deep blue sky, snow-capped mountains shimmer in the distance and birds chirp their joyous song.

Stroll along one of the rustic Waalwege (hiking paths that follow local irrigation channels) or the sunny promenades, or walk up to the green meadows and immerse yourself in a wonderfully romantic environment.

This popular mountain spa town is truly idyllic and perfect for a lovely holiday with your partner. Lovers, fiancés and married couples enjoy wonderful romantic holidays here.

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The region around Meran (Merano)

Castles & Sightseeing

Historic museums

Discover the Mediterranean scenery down in the valley or in the mountains, and relax on a short walk in the fresh air.

Meran's historic centre is small but legendary - time flies by in the winding arcades, little boutiques and cosy restaurants.

You will find many stunningly beautiful castles in the immediate surrounding area. They come in a huge variety of sizes and are all worth a visit.

Tyrol Castle and Trauttmandsdorff Castle are attractive sights that draw visitors from all countries. Those interested in culture and architecture, will find themselves in the right place at one of the countless churches and chapels in the area.

Peace & Idyllic places

Texel (Tessa) Group Nature Park

Algund (Lagundo), Meran (Merano)

Once you have explored the sophisticated mountain idyll you may want to return to Algund (Lagundo), which offers the best of the gentle Mediterranean climate. The air is scented with palms, cypresses, myrtle and cedars.

The Texel (Tessa) Group Nature Park is just a stone's throw away and the perfect place to discover the breathtaking flora and fauna of South Tyrol. Measuring 33,400 hectares, it is the largest nature reserve in South Tyrol. In the nature park you will find animals that prefer warm climates, such as the cliff swallow, the praying mantis, squirrels and ravens.

Thanks to the altitude of around 3,000 meters, you are sure to discover many other animal species here.

The nature park is also home to the largest area of lakes in the high-Alpine area. At 97 m, Partschinser (Parcines) Waterfall is another attraction for nature lovers.

A hike around the Meraner Höhenweg is recommended, as it is regarded as one of the most beautiful high-Alpine hiking trails in Europe.



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